Sunday, 3 March 2013

UFOs: Show Me The Evidence!

Sometimes what's been believed to become obviously plausible as proved to be anything but plausible.. While some person might have confidence in the proven fact that UFOs are out there, some might not have confidence in that.. There are lots of reports on area 51 aliens by competent observers of objects which can't be identified by the witness and remain unidentified after investigation by competent investigators.. UFO may be the abbreviation for unidentified flying objects that are the mystery of the sky.. The equation UFOs = evidence for extraterrestrial intelligence is such an example..

Currently there were reported cases of UFO sightings to just about 1 million cases.. During that interval lots of the people who were, or had been, from the project considered that the public was struggling with "war nerves.".  This is simply because our senses and science require logics and proofs, therefore far, no one has been able to produce actual proof that could help to positively identify any UFO sighting just as one alien spacecraft.. When it comes to mythology, my basic premise is always that anytime you have near universal themes between wildly dispersed in space and/or time cultures, ethnic groups, nationalities, whatever, then you certainly sit up and take serious notice that something more than just human imagination is at work..

The majority of scientists, especially physical scientists, usually poo-poo the UFO ETH which has a there's 'no evidence' mantra..  That assumption is that surveillance equipment hasn't detected bona-fide UFOs..  Maybe you may actually believe unidentified flying objects do actually exist..  UFOs certainly are a global phenomenon that cuts across all age, sex, racial, cultural etc..

Now regarding galactic or interstellar property, comets and asteroids are pretty common..  Even as they defied the laws of physics what sort of maneuvered around the air space, they still seemed like physical objects, created from physical matter..  What could be an extraordinary claim they can you might not be a special claim to me, and the other way around..  This may be the reason why UFOs seems to be sheer science fiction as an alternative to being science fact..

 If a professional scientist, a physicist, were to make those same claims, it is not extraordinary presumably because physicists know what they are talking about.. Hundreds of years ago, once the leading scientists and adventurous sailors begun to understand that the earth was indeed a round orb and never flat - well there must of been debates ongoing as well time..  All had Top Secret security clearances to ensure security was no block within our investigations..  These texts declare that a "moon boat" hovers above Chinaevery 12 years..  
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