Friday, 30 August 2013

Important Coaching Skills You Should Have

For most managers, providing feedback to a direct report is surely an event that is certainly avoided unless it can be absolutely necessary. Manager/coaches are skilled in asking open-ended questions that cause the coachee to see something from the different perspective, modify the understanding, challenge self-limiting beliefs, etc. Companies who are committed to helping managers embed Coaching skills, not just learn the theory will see quick results but choose your course wisely.

These skills should get you started on the path to as a manager/coach. It is definitely an exciting process - good luck on your journey!. Others don't get into detail and give just a basic summary of leadership qualities and never really do any actual coaching. This is a challenging time for several organizations and, as being a manager, you have being able to manage. People who tend not to know the way to ask for help in many cases are the ones who don't reach their full potential.

In some organizations, the "command-and-control" style of management is really entrenched that position power seems being the only lever offered to get others to think about a request. Dependability - Can people count on you to become where you need to be, do what you need to do, and do as you say?. Of course this means that trust and faith in others but can't be done with out a little forethought. But - like coaching itself - this won't need to be a huge task. A two minute phone conversation or even a three-line e-mail might be just enough to allow the people we coach know we are there on their behalf.

It will depend on how much time we have available, the preferences of the person being coached as well as the complexity with the coaching issue. There might be described as a useful definition to get extrapolated from life coaching, however in a business context we've rarely some time or the expertise to look into personal, lifestyle issues. This is most often achieved by the teaching, instructing type approach. 

Peer coaching requires many in the same coaching skills that managers utilize when coaching Representatives. It's also questionable that decisions made in this manner will be any benefit than if your manager made them on their particular. It is important to educate yourself regarding these roadblocks in order to cope with them and over-come the distractions necessary for execution excellence. It is best to find out, and understand, your individual style of communication, your own motivations.

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